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Danieli Systec - Occupational Health and Safety Policy



Danieli Systec, in carrying out its activities, considers human health and workplace safety as indispensable duties, continuous commitments and constant components of its mission. The protection of the psycho-physical integrity of workers represents for our Company an absolute and strategic priority on a par with company profitability, as well as a fundamental value of our way of doing business and managing relations with those who work for the company.


Safeguarding health and safety for Danieli Systec does not just mean fulfilling legal obligations but represents a moral responsibility towards those who work with us and for us. Not just a legal requirement but a cultural value of the organization and the personnel that make it up; for this reason, it is necessary to create awareness and commitment at all levels of the organization and consequently favour the development of aware, responsible and safe behaviours.


Our Company is strongly and constantly engaged in spreading and consolidating the culture of safety and respect for people, in all the countries in which it operates, developing risk awareness and promoting the adoption of responsible behaviour by all collaborators. For Danieli Systec, no job is so important as to neglect the fact that its execution takes place in absolute safety and every accident is unacceptable, without distinction between its employees and the employees of the contractors.


The company management, aware of its responsibility towards the protection of the health and safety of workers, has therefore decided to implement and apply to all the activities carried out at the offices and sites, both Italian and foreign, a Safety and Occupational health Management System complies with the ISO 45001:2018 standard and, in orienting its choices towards the continuous improvement of safety performance related to all its activities, it established the following principles constituting its own Occupational Safety and Health Policy, engaging in this way to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases:


CEO: Košmerl Robert