World of Automation

Relation to Danieli Group

Danieli Systec is in long-term partnership with Italian company Danieli Automation S.p.A., which through 40 years’ experience and over 400 plants operating worldwide, assures the perfect integration of the different process units for a totally efficient production plant. Danieli Automation is responsible for the transfer of technological know-how from other Danieli technological divisions to end users, supplying the interface between plant process and operator.

Systec processes are aligned with Danieli Automation processes with mission to offer an expert and focused service to Danieli Group customers.

Danieli Automation is part of Danieli. Danieli Group business structure consists of number of affiliates within which Systec group is the biggest one. Danieli counts 12 000 employees and ranks among the three largest suppliers of plants and equipment to the metals industry, worldwide.

9000 Danieli engineers and craftsmen operate in assembly and manufacturing workshops, and technical offices throughout the world.