World of Automation

Commissioning & Start-up

Commissioning & Start-up is our specialty and we ensure the best quality experts and top solutions to our customers, assuring to respect the customer demands and schedule, fulfilling the shortest shut down periods and tough production demands. Our commissioning team guarantees the best quality specialists on site to handle all pre-operational, testing and commissioning phases. Our aim is to inspect and test plant components, assuring that facilities are in accordance with the project design. As the final step in project execution, we work diligently with detailed planning to provide our clients a rapid ramp up of production. 


– Rolling (Bar) Mill, Heavy Section Mill, Rails Mill, Pipe Mills, Mills Finishing Lines, Reheating Furnaces, Grinding Machines, Peeling Machines etc.

Longs products process control consists of:


  Steelmaking process control consists of:

Also, steelmaking process control consists of:
Continuous casting machine, electric arc furnace, tunnel furnace, fumes dedusting plant, row material handling, vacuum degassing systems, scrap yard plant, water treatment plant.
The automation part consist of 12-15 PLC’s each with several hundreds I/O, special cards for communication, encoders and regulation.
The PLC’s are networked and controlled by PC based HMI. The process is controlled by PC based Level 2 system (recipes, reports and process control).


– flat products, hot and cold rolling and finishing lines.